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An unapologetic defender of the unborn, Yvette Herrell has made pro-life legislation a cornerstone of her career. Guided by her faith and belief that all children should have the opportunity to pursue their own American Dream, Yvette spearheaded some of the most stringent pro-life legislation in the New Mexico House of Representatives. She’ll take that same mentality and values to Washington, D.C. where she’ll push to defund Planned Parenthood and strengthen protections for the defenseless.


As the only candidate who supported President Trump from Day 1 of his campaign, Yvette Herrell is committed to working with his administration to combat the flow of illegal immigration and secure our borders. New Mexico knows better than most the dangers associated with an unsecure border. The United States is a nation of immigrants but it is vitally important that we enforce immigration laws that are currently on the books. By turning a blind eye to illegal entry into the country, we are essentially telling those who have or are patiently waiting in line to become Americans that their efforts aren’t appreciated or necessary.

2nd Amendment

Our Founding Fathers purposefully made the right of the people to keep and bear arms the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Like them, Yvette Herrell believes that this right is God-given and unable to be abridged by man. As a proud NRA member, Yvette remains steadfastly committed to defending the 2nd Amendment against any and all who wish to lessen its importance.

Shrink the Size and Scope of Government

Citizens across New Mexico have many different experiences and stories when it comes to the federal government. However, there is one constant theme: the federal government overreaches. Yvette Herrell led the charge in the New Mexico House of Representatives when it came to reforming a bloated government and rolling back job-killing regulations . . . she’ll do the same thing in Washington, D.C. Yvette knows firsthand that no one knows the best way to run a business better than a business owner. This means that the less that government is involved in the process, the better for our economy and jobs. That is why Yvette believes that it is not the role of government to create jobs but rather create an attractive environment that encourages job creators to continue investing in.