Conservative Leadership for New Mexico

I’m running because New Mexico needs strong leaders in Washington, plain and simple. I was born and raised in this district, I know our people, I know our industry, and I’ve been a leader standing up for our community my entire life. I’ve had the privilege to serve you in the New Mexico legislature, and I want to continue that service by representing you in Congress.


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Rep. James G. Townsend-54
Rep. Sarah Maestas Barrnes-15
Rep. Jimmie C. Hall-28
Rep. Candy Spence Ezzell-58
Rep. Rick Little-53
Rep. Larry A Larrañaga-27
Rep. David E. Adkins-29
Rep. David M. Gallegos-61
Rep. Dennis J. Roch-67
Rep. Rod Montoya-1
Rep. Cathrynn N. Brown-55
Sen. William F. Burt-33
Sen. Ron Griggs-34
Rep. William R. Rehm-31
Rep. Tim D. Lewis-60
Rep. Paul C. Bandy-3
Rep. Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert-44
Rep. James R.J. Strickler-2
Rep. Gail Armstrong-49
Rep. Bob Wooley-66
Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliage-4
Speaker of the House- Don Tripp-49
Rep. Dianne Hamilton-38
Rep. Tom Taylor-1
Rep. Anna Crook-64
Rep. William J. Gray-54
Rep. Andy Nunez-36
Rep. Terry McMillan-37
Sen. Clinton Harden-7
Rep. David Chavez-7
Rep. Kathy McCoy-22
Sen. Leonard “Lee” Rawson-37
Party Leaders
Fmr. Chairman of the Republican Party- John P. Billingsley
Gun Owners of America
National Rifle Association
Pro-Life Organization- Susan B. Anthony List
VIEW PAC- Electing Republican Women
House Freedom Caucus Political Committee- House Freedom Fund