Conservative Leadership for New Mexico

I’m running because New Mexico needs strong leaders in Washington, plain and simple. I was born and raised in this district, I know our people, I know our industry, and I’ve been a leader standing up for our community my entire life. I’ve had the privilege to serve you in the New Mexico legislature, and I want to continue that service by representing you in Congress.


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Yvette Herrell has received perfect marks from Pro-Life groups for her work to defend the rights of the unborn.

Anti-Illegal Immigration

As the only candidate to support President Trump from Day 1 of his campaign, Yvette will work with President Trump to fight against illegal immigration and secure our border.


As a proud NRA member, Yvette will defend our 2nd Amendment rights and ensure law-abiding citizens have the right to bear arms.

Fight for Less Government

Like she did in the State Legislature, Yvette will continue to fight job-killing regulations and give control of public and private lands to state and local authorities.


New Mexico’s businesses need a job-growth environment they can thrive in. They create the jobs in our economy. Yvette will fight for less regulation and less taxation, so they can reinvest in themselves. New Mexico can and should be a job-creating state.